Event Speaking

Alicia Lyttle is well known on the speaking circuit to deliver an unforgettable presentation delivered with passion, experience, charm, and warmth. Alicia leads the way to inspire and motivate entrepreneurs from around the globe.

Her speaking has taken her throughout the United States, and around the world to places like the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, and many other locations.

Alicia has spoken and trained a wide variety of different organizations via hands on bootcamps and keynote speaking.

Dynamic Presentations

Through Alicia's presentations, she is able to draw upon her personal experiences. Those experiences include a background in environmental studies, 13+ years in Internet marketing, her medical battles with cancer, and her triumph of starting her life over.

Alicia's presentations bring in her personal essential elements that demonstrate her vision, leadership, lifestyle, and entrepreneurial success. She brings her passion to motivate and move her audience to take action in the life and in their business.

Speaking Topics

“Starting Over: Learning When To Leave Unhealthy Situations And Creating A Fresh Start”

Alicia entered the  Internet Marketing industry over 10 years ago with her ex-husband. Together, they were able to build a multi-million dollar business, live in a mansion in Texas and travel the world. Alicia was integral in all parts of the business from customer service, product development, coaching, training, fulfillment, and more. She was able to help and impact the lives of thousands of budding entrepreneurs. Although the business was thriving,  her marriage was unhealthy and so she decided to leave.

She left behind her lifestyle, as well as, the business.  She packed her car with her clothes and her laptop to start her life over. Alicia uses her experience of recognizing unhealthy toxic relationships, when to leave, and how to start over. She has now created a new life, with new experiences and continues to grown her business and enjoys being in a healthy, positive relationship. This is a must attend presentation for audiences that are starting over, from starting over in new relationships, new businesses or just starting something new. This presentation focuses on overcoming the fear of starting over and how to turn a negative situation into a fresh start.

“Overcoming Challenges And How To Use Them As Stepping Stones To Success”

When Alicia was only 27 years old, she was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer, in fact she became a case study at the University of Michigan. Over the next 5 years, her cancer came back 4 additional times. Alicia had to battle chemotherapy and multiple surgeries. In addition to battling cancer, her marriage was unhealthy and unsupportive. Once she left the marriage and the toxic environment that was around her, she has been cancer free. This is an emotionally touching presentation for those that are going through certain struggles and setbacks in their lives, and how to use them to make yourself stronger and push on to success.

“Build Your Brand And Bottom Line By Leveraging The Power of Social Media”

Social Media is taking over the internet, and as a business owner, you will be left in the dust if you do not incorporate social media in your marketing campaigns. Alicia presents the various media channels that are out there today from Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and more. Not only does Alicia present what is available and the different media channels, but she teaches how to maximize the various media channels from a marketing standpoint. This is a must attend presentation and business owners who are looking to gain more exposure online while growing their bottom line profits.